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Nerd Stack is a web design and development company based in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in everything from website design to SEO optimization, consulting services to Web App Development. We know what it takes to build an effective online presence for your business or organization. We put our heart into every project we take on - whether that's designing your new site or helping you optimize the one you already have. Whether you're looking for an end-to-end solution or just need help with a small piece of your development plan, Nerd Stack has the expertise and creativity needed for success.


Featured Services that We Provide


Our SEO experts believe that it is important that your companys search results reflect the high-quality, professional website we will help you design for your business. We understand that search engine optimization is not just about getting to the top of a list, it is more about staying there and making sure potential customers can find you easily. To accomplish these goals Nerd Stack has put together a team of highly skilled SEO experts who are trained in all aspects of custom website design and internet marketing.


Nerd Stack is a web development company that specializes in building large scale applications using modern frameworks like Next JS and React JS. The reason why we prefer to use these technologies over other frameworks or libraries is because they are faster, and allow us to create full-stack applications from frontend to backend. We at Nerd Stack feel that the only way to complete a project to the best of our ability is by using our own tools, allowing us to create web applications with both speed and accuracy.


Our consulting services to a variety of clients, from new start-ups to non-profit organizations. Our team has an extensive list of experience in web design and development, ranging from design to coding. Our Nerds are always happy to discuss your needs and offer you the best solution at an affordable rate. Nerd Stack's consulting services include: Ways to optimize your SEO, What technologies should be used for a project, Website audits, and Design services including logo design, banner ads, website rebranding, UI.


We will provide you with a custom design that fits your business's industry and is appealing to your target audience. We believe that the best way to make customers happy is through designs tailored to their individual needs. Our web design services give our clients' sites a look of professionalism, bringing in customers and making them want to return for more.


Making Ideas Come to Life !

Check out some our past projects that we have completed for clients.


JNL, App and Website

We supported JNL through a transition phase that required rebranding, designing and developing a new website. We supported them through development of an intranet infrastructure to help them run more efficiently.

For the website we used Next JS along with styled components. For the intranet web app we used React JS, Node JS and Firestore for the database

React JSNext JSStyled Component

Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Website

An online presence is essential for success in today’s digital world. A website provides brand credibility. It allows you to showcase your products or services, allows organic customers to find you through Google and other social media. It is an integral part of marketing and ensures the success of your company over the long term.

Why Online Branding is Important for Your Business

Beyond the website design, look and feel, corporate color palette and logo, your visitor “experiences” your website the same way they would if they visited your office, except without the personal interaction.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is distributed across a number of decentralized computers, making it difficult for the asset to be manipulated or controlled. Blockchains are the technology which ensures the authenticity and integrity of the cryptocurrency transactions.

Let’s Work Together

If you have a website or mobile app idea in mind or you need some advice about product design, feel free to contact us. Currently our time books quickly, so the sooner you write, the better it is for both of us.

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